She was born in Sevilla, her mother is Dutch and her father is Catalan. She grew up in a twenty-two meters boat, sailing the Mediterranean sea. Currently, she has her art studio in a XV century Palace, in Urgell, near Barcelona.

Every time  I go to her studio, Cal Paguera in Anglesola – before “Palau dels Marquesos de Castellvell” – I have the felling to entry to Wonderland.

Perhaps is the air plenty of stories stored in this Palace or (I think it is) Julia’s malicious smile waiting me with a Martini Rosso bottle.

Julia is a painter artist since she was born. Her vocation, need as she says “I’ve never think do another thing”.

On the walls there are part of her works. Her subjects, language, technics and chromatism are coherent. Her characters are living in her magic world, the girl in a pool in a summer scene, the list of portraits, children playing close the sea, her detailed studies on horses or the ingineering scenes where people well dressed are controlling the moving of trucks using huge cranes. All of her work breathes cohesion and principles.

As a base, she uses printed tissues, which appears on the surfaces of her paintings, making the characters more real.

(Interview of Joaquim Zamacois)